Rain rain rain

Going north and still confused about what that means; warmer weather, deserts and different dialects. Nigel caught up with me a few km before the ferry, in a car, wet and happy to get there in time. No adventure without me he said, having turned back after 80km of miserty, and now we’re here in Puerto Montt together, the ugliest city I’ve ever seen. We stay in a room so impossibly small that I wonder if they didn’t put the wall up after they put the bed in. Falling asleep to the sound of rain on tin roofs and someone’s in the room next door/in the same room with some Hawaii board between coughs. 


Dolce soenios

I have seriously grown to love camping during this trip, but oh lord god almighty, the feeling of crawling into a newly made bed, fresh linnen and my hair smelling of shampoo, no dirt under my nails and the rain drumming on the window, – priceless
That said, I am truly concerned about the state of nigel right now, especially since he left the inner tent with me – for weight reasons. Priorities man..


Simulating top anchors and hanging belay from the ceiling in camilos and richards house whilst baking bread, drinking bear and listening to reggaeton until 2 in the morning. Tomorrow me, N and Ailo will climb Euphoria, a 300 m high multipitch if the stars will align and the weather will be good and our bodies may obey.

We made it!


LIST week 9-ish

Best camping: Cabella’s, a stones throw from the climbing routes

Best morning coffe: with Olle and Karin looking out at the top of Cerro Castillo wrapped up in our sleeping bags

Most random: BOTH Facu and Ailo (that we climed with in el chalten) turned up at the camping where only we slept, 1,5 km outside town, not knowing of us or each other being there. A lot of hugs that morning. 

Biggest victory: lead climbing a 6c

The now and here

The latest days of climbing are slowly becoming weeks, newa and old friends are crossing our path, and we theirs. At the moment we live with two boys in their house in Cohyaike together with a french girl we met in el chalten and then randomly met again at the camping in cerro castillo. We’re planning a multi pitch, but mama natura is stopping us, so we spend a day drinking mate, going to town and enjoying time as it’s begun to pass in this very special rythm. Different things matter now. 
Those few clothes I brought are slowly breaking, my shorts melted and my shirt ripped, my trousers all have holes and my Cinderella shoes are giving up on me and I on them. I’m getting stronger each day. I’ve started to snoar due to no pillow and a constantly snuffly nose. My hair is blond and tangly, I can lead a 6c. I meet  new and interesting people every day, speak more and more spanish. I’m well and inspired. I am exactly where I want to be right now. 

Cabellas camping

Stumbled upon a gem, a camping just by the foot of the rock, full of newbolted lines. A little house with earth floor and a woodburning stove, a long drop and a little muddy river/trench where we can get water and at the same time get a great use of our water filter. Its costing us 6 euros/night, so we can stay as long as we have cash (120km to the closest cash mashine, so not ideal considering our average speed on the bikes). A little paradise. And in spite of normal march weather the sun is shining upon us every single day and the stars are laughing at our wide open mouths in the evenings when we sit by the fire, drinking wine from a glass jar and push forward the desicion to moove on for yet another day.