Dolce soenios

I have seriously grown to love camping during this trip, but oh lord god almighty, the feeling of crawling into a newly made bed, fresh linnen and my hair smelling of shampoo, no dirt under my nails and the rain drumming on the window, – priceless
That said, I am truly concerned about the state of nigel right now, especially since he left the inner tent with me – for weight reasons. Priorities man..



Simulating top anchors and hanging belay from the ceiling in camilos and richards house whilst baking bread, drinking bear and listening to reggaeton until 2 in the morning. Tomorrow me, N and Ailo will climb Euphoria, a 300 m high multipitch if the stars will align and the weather will be good and our bodies may obey.

We made it!


LIST week 9-ish

Best camping: Cabella’s, a stones throw from the climbing routes

Best morning coffe: with Olle and Karin looking out at the top of Cerro Castillo wrapped up in our sleeping bags

Most random: BOTH Facu and Ailo (that we climed with in el chalten) turned up at the camping where only we slept, 1,5 km outside town, not knowing of us or each other being there. A lot of hugs that morning. 

Biggest victory: lead climbing a 6c

List week 7

Biggest misscalculation:  mixed up the different currencies and took out LOADS of argentinian pesos just before we left Argentina. 

Best luck: appearantly the weather in el chalten, people we met had been there 1 month without seeing the sun, we had sun every day for 10 days. 

My dirtiest secret: washed my cykle t shirt for the first time this week

The gauntlet.

We where gonna take a before and after pic of our shoes, unfortunately I managed to cycle into a puddle yesterday that just got deeper and deeper until I eventually stalled (and n after me) in the middle, I can tell you,  it was way beyond ankle deep. Later on I stepped straight into a muddy ditch that just appeared without warning.  So no before-picture for me.

Spent 3 hours in the tent waiting for the rain to stop in the morning. I did not feel the same urge for a spectacular day as Nigel seemed to have, was very much up for a tea and toast kind of day. Unfortunately we didn’t have the luxury to choose what day to cross the “gauntlet” since the ferry is only twice a week. So today it was. The last two days had only been a build up for this one. We’d cykled from el chalten, camped on the way, taken a ferry across the lake to the Argentinean border, where no cars or motorbikes can pass or even get to, camped there and where now preparing for what we knew was going to be at least six hours of pushing the bikes through hard terrain. We were told it was hard when it was dry, and now it had been raining for three days. I was so nervous about the day I could barely get my breakfast down. 

Around 10 we decided to pack up and go since the rain eased up a bit, and by the time we’d pushed the bikes up the first section the sun was shining down on us. 

After that we spent six hours pushing, carrying, dragging, rolling and bumping our bikes up and down, through mud and rivers over rocks and roots and it was stunning.

 We took it so easy, resting when tired, eating when hungry and stopped just to marvel at the beauty around us all the time.

Loved every bit.