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Miia, would rather dance than walk and rather sing than talk Julia, likes miniature everything, typewriters and coffee.

Vem pra bahia baby

The sun is of the kissing not the burning kind over here and the waves are like a persistent boy who keeps coming back to the girl he loves, no matter how many times he’s sent away. The laundry dries fast and the darkness is gentle and sprinkled with stars and dense of good conversation, wine and tasty food. The others find little outings or projects to do during part of the day, but I’m just here, in my simple palace and world of peace. Reading books and drinking mate, enjoying the shock from when the water embrace me and the mid day heat that makes it possible to stay in longer, fleeting on the waves. Then back again to the deckchair and my novel. My skin is salty and has lost its winter paleness, my thoughts are no longer attached to their normal frame of constraints but cruise just above the water surface knowing the unlimitedness of the sky just above.

Selected Santiago

The local crag. 

 The city from above, containing more people than my whole country

 To wake up amongst presidents and friends with this table set in the living room. 

 Filippe and Isa, the best hosts you can wish for took us to see the town. 

 Looking up

Cable car travel with Isa

Visited the brewery of Filippe, who’d just started working fulltime with his own ale “the finest shit on the market”

All in all, a wonderful and very different week staying in the big city, with lovely and generous people giving us a home a tour and a little insight to their every day life. Now towards family and the beach!

El bosque magico

Stationed ourselves at a local climbing crag.
The weather is that kind of good we only have for a day or two a year in Sweden.

I attempted a route yesterday I didn’t manage to finnish and had to leave all of our gear in the rock to continue it today. Soon it’s 24 h since I started on it, hehe. We live in some chilean suburban version of beverly hills with the family of a friend. 

Feels surreal when we set off on our bikes in the morning, cruising through the streets in the morning hussle and bustle. Crispy colorful leaves, sun warm enough for a thin jumper and noises and smells that wispers holiday.

 We are in Santiago. 

Rain rain rain

Going north and still confused about what that means; warmer weather, deserts and different dialects. Nigel caught up with me a few km before the ferry, in a car, wet and happy to get there in time. No adventure without me he said, having turned back after 80km of miserty, and now we’re here in Puerto Montt together, the ugliest city I’ve ever seen. We stay in a room so impossibly small that I wonder if they didn’t put the wall up after they put the bed in. Falling asleep to the sound of rain on tin roofs and someone’s in the room next door/in the same room with some Hawaii board between coughs. 

Dolce soenios

I have seriously grown to love camping during this trip, but oh lord god almighty, the feeling of crawling into a newly made bed, fresh linnen and my hair smelling of shampoo, no dirt under my nails and the rain drumming on the window, – priceless
That said, I am truly concerned about the state of nigel right now, especially since he left the inner tent with me – for weight reasons. Priorities man..