And so it began.

A Finnish girl from the forests of Härmä and a Swedish girl from the concrete jungle of Tynnered. Unaware of each others existence. Arrive to the hills and vineyards of Covasint in the western part of Romania. At the same day. To the same house. And so it began.

It all started in 2009. We fell in love, with boys, with God, with the hills and the thought of life being something more, bigger, brighter.

Time passed. Friendship bracelets where exchanged. And now, exactly 3,5 years later we met up in Sweden. Still talking about the same things.

Boys, life, God.

We’re trying to make sense of it all. Miia with her camera and Julia with her pen. Age 24 and 23. Currently living in Helsinki and Cuvin. Blond and brunette. Social introverts who love pretty things.

We thought, people start blogs on less interesting subjects than that.

So why can’t we.

Here is our attempt to blow your mind.

/Miia and Julia


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