Cusco on a motorbike (high on altitude) part 2

21/5 I wanted to see the rainbow mountains, so we thought we’d do a little morning outing before moving on. 

Start of the walk, blissfully ignorant. 

The little morning outing turned out to be a full day mission climbing up to 5050 m and well up there getting caught in a hail storm.

Absolutely amazing though!

Then a migraine, wet clothes and a very sparse dinner made from what we could find in the village shop (pasta, eggs and canned milk). 

Things that happens when you follow your dreams without doing any research first! 

Unforgettable days are rarely planned though I must add, at least not for us 🙂

The day starts wonderfully through spectacular landscape and a morning pastry at one of the many “plaza de armas” we’re passing. It continues fine on some bigger roads and then completely stalls by lunch time. 

It’s started to rain  and we spend about three hours at a lunch place waiting for it to stop.

Eat. Tea. Watch tv (sky fall dubbed in spanish). Hot chocolate. Freeze. Get bored and finally leave only to realise it’s still raining enough for it to be miserable to ride.
 Found a family renting out a room in a near by village. 

Sneakily cook inside a cupboard and plan tomorrows early start, we’re betting on sun!



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