The now and here

The latest days of climbing are slowly becoming weeks, newa and old friends are crossing our path, and we theirs. At the moment we live with two boys in their house in Cohyaike together with a french girl we met in el chalten and then randomly met again at the camping in cerro castillo. We’re planning a multi pitch, but mama natura is stopping us, so we spend a day drinking mate, going to town and enjoying time as it’s begun to pass in this very special rythm. Different things matter now. 
Those few clothes I brought are slowly breaking, my shorts melted and my shirt ripped, my trousers all have holes and my Cinderella shoes are giving up on me and I on them. I’m getting stronger each day. I’ve started to snoar due to no pillow and a constantly snuffly nose. My hair is blond and tangly, I can lead a 6c. I meet  new and interesting people every day, speak more and more spanish. I’m well and inspired. I am exactly where I want to be right now. 


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