Just about to begin

It’s 7 degrees and rain, the sound of fellow campers, wind and the occational duck is there like a backgrounqd band, accompanying rain on tent fabric as the lead singer. We’re half way in on the stretch between Chile and Argentina that will take us on to the beginning of route 7, Carretiera Austral, Pinochet’s initiative to connect northen and southern chile. From where we are you can only get there with bike, or by foot. We’re told we’re a bit late in the season and that we’re doing it the wrong way around (everyone else is travelling south). But I just think we’re doing it our way. 

Today we met Belen, from northen Argentina,  and cycled the stretch before the ferry with her, admired waterfalls and snow covered mountains together and ate Calafate berries alongside the road until we where blue around our mouths. After that we bumped into Steve, from California, who’d just finnished carretiera austral and got so put off all the people and touristy places after finnishing it that he decided going back doing it again, but backwards. So it’s us and Steve travelling north. 


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