Illegal visitors and hot showers

Nigel wakes me up with a mate at 7.30 when the rain still is gently falling on the tent canvas, we’ve both slept quite bad due to the bobbly terrain and the dog playing around with our pans in the middle of the night, but N is bright  as a b and extremely excited, he is going to take a shower. He has been down to the river and filled up our travel shower and is now boiling some of the water so the shower will be warm, he thinks I should have one as well, and I have difficulties finding a reason not to except the “but, I can see your breath”-argument which nigel  easily defeat with a smile and “that’s just because it’s humid”. Of course I’m having a shower. Irresistible charm can be used for many things. 
We’ve just crossed the border back into Argentina, after climbing a hill for about two hours we meet an angry boarder guard who tells us we’ve not got an entry stamp in our passports, we’ve stayed illegally in Chile for three weeks. It turns out we managed to miss the chilean border office, which I think is entirely their fault, so I let N do the apologetic talking and just stand waiting for the guard to give us a stamp so that the que behind us can stop growing. After all it’s Valentines day.  He let’s us through. Ahead of us is a long waited for down hill, it starts to rain. Oh the life on the road.


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