A home and a French trio that came to rescue

As mentioned in previous post, we found that shut down hotel again by the roadside. 

Since it was no one there and we are too old and too far away for our parents  tell us it’s a bad idea, we made us a little home under the corrugated tin roof. It was very much the same feeling as when me and my cousins decided to sleep in the rhodedendron bush in our garden. 

Extatic to begin with, and then slightly regretful when kept awake by unidentifiable animals and rain in the morning. When I say “kept awake” I mean, I briefly woke up just to quickly fall back to sleep again, and Nigel was kept awake, moving our food out of reach for racoons etc. On top of that it was our get together anniversary!

The day after is a blurr of wet clothes, freezing hands and feet and a miserable stop at the only place with humans in a radie of about 150km where we got a lukewarm coffe that came in the shape of a teabag.  For a Suede that’s close to an insult. Whilst sitting there, with wet feet and no more clothes to put on and roughly 80 km in rain and headwind to the next town we tried to think of  all good solutions we could find. The weather prognosis wasn’t looking bright for the following days and neither of us was up for biking so we decided hitching was the best option. Since we didn’t want to stand outside (when I’m talking wind and rain, it’s no sheffield or Gothenburg drizzle) we tried with the people pulling in at the petrol station. Pretty soon we found a french trio willing to put us and the bikes in the boot, unfortunately in the opposite direction from where we where going, but we thought it might be our only chance to get out of the place, so we said yes please and got a FREEZING ride back to puerto natales. It was two hours of misery, but we managed to come back in one piece and have now had a warm shower, a real bed to sleep in and booked two bus tickets to el calafate to go with our original plan and just cykle from there to el chalten. 

At the moment we’re keen on some warmer weather. Autumn is coming fast here and we’re not sure if the weather will let us cycle the carretiera austral as planned. But thats the charm with loose plans, you can change them easily. Now, another pastry and a glass of cheap wine!


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