Happy birthday in the wilderness. 

We work and sleep, work and sleep. it’s only me, Nigel, Fernando and Angeles here at the moment. Me and N are preparing the foundation for the concrete floor to be poured where they slaughter the animals whilst the other two are out in the mountains looking for their cows. The kettle is walking around for weeks at end since its not enough grass for them to be kept around the estancia. The new calves get brought back in to be marked, and then let out again. The people at the ranch seem to be working in symbiosis with, rather than fighting against the nature, harsh though it is. A Swedish horse or cow would probably get sick here within a day. The animals here at the farm are trained especially for this, many of them are domesticated mustangs that got caught as young horses. It’s unbelievable to watch them in the terrain, more looking like giant mountain goats than horses. 
On my birtday Fernando showed us how to sadle the horse and then let me and n out on our own (he must have a big trust in his horses). We where out for hours, along the sea shore, in the woods, up and down steep terrain, and it was pure magic. Galloping along the beach was one of the mightiest things. All that power, and trusting the horse to not slip or fall. It will stay with me forever. 

Even though it’s the peak of their summer, the air is cold and it rarely gets above 17 degrees during daytime. Bringing winter sleeping bags was a good move. I miss sleeping like a starfish though. 


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