Packa pappas kappsäck

Very many things happening at the same time. I will potentially have time at some point to tell the story, but not today. So very shortly, in pictures, a snapshot from our life. Look, a home, that is only ours, with our name written on the door and everything, and sun shining in the living room all day long.

The bags are packed so earlier this afternoon we took these darlings for a spin around Axel Dahlströms torg. I haven’t told them yet they’ll see some very much greater views in a few days, but I think they suspect something.

So many things to think about regarding this trip now. Here fixing the first aid kit etc.

The first five days of cykling are set. We’ll kick off with riding for three days in absolute solitude on a straight road with absolute nothingness around. Well, that’s actually about all i know. I’ll try to post some kind of map so you get the hang of it.



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