The euology of clay, wood and leather.

Me and a classmate went to a pottery class this autumn. We new nothing and gave everything and loved every single minute of it. Mugs. As you can see they are all uneven in the same direction, hehe, I told Nigel its my trademark but I’ve got a sneaky suspicion the trademark will change shape significally as I get better. 

Next creation is the bracelet Beck made out of leather and pearls ❤

And here we’ve got the Kenosis tray, made of oak, leather and brass from Andreas. 

Last but not least some experimenting with concrete. The flower has survived in it since summer but the concrete is absorbing much of the water… so this one needs some improving.

One of my aims for 2017, and beyond, is to not create just for the sake of making something that will look good. But just enjoy being creative without caring about the result. Damn hard but essential for life feeling meaningful, I believe. The sense of knowing that our unique creative expression is worth being brought out and leave a stamp in this world. Of course I am talking about creativity in a broader sense than physical objects. It can be school, parenting or work. Whichever one it is, I believe it’s gotta be the true expression of you filling up that space. 



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