bord1 copy Found there babies on the beach about 8 months ago, and had a walk of shame through our then very posh area looking like right hoboes carrying them between us on two very long pieces of wood. They’ve since then been standing against a wall looking at me, and they’ve been too big to throw away, so….

bord2 copy I decided it was time to make something out of them. So whilst N fiddled with his bike…

bord3 copy … I ate biscuits. No, I’m kidding you, I was WORKING HARD on creating something.The aim was to transform what I had into a bed side table.

bord4 copy And like the proper Britts we are, we started the project with a brew.

bord6 copy and what you can’t see on camera is that instead of three hours, like I though it’d take, it took me THREE DAYS to get it ready. I don’t think I’ve ever persevered that long before with a building project. I was so fed up by then I even forgot to take a picture. But I’ll put one up soon, when I’ve cleaned the room so I can get the table in without to much distraction.
bord5 copy But I’m not gonna lie – did feel like a champion. Martin Timell and Ernst, maybe I’ll come up with my own TV show, but without all the pre-drilled holes and excitement about kitschy stuff, just pure pheromones and no straight lines, the real deal.



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