To be old enough to dare to be a child

Me and H decided it was time. I’d just taken my drivers license and he’d recently turned 18 and finished his first year in secondary highschool, what better ways are there to celebrate those massive steps in to adulthood than going on a roadtrip!?
IMG_3696 It was just the two of us, of course. IMG_3678

And we decided to go to Vimmerby, the place where some of Astrid Lindgrens characters where born, and many of the stories are set. Astrid is probably both mine and H:s all time favourite author.
IMG_3627 We went to “the world of Astrid Lindgren” and had a blast. Here chatting wit Alfred.IMG_3632

Charming the socks of Alma Svensson i Katthult.IMG_3643

And watched some terrifying and mesmerizing theater plays, here Bröderna Lejonhjärta, with a fire breathing dragon (yes Katla of course)IMG_3648

Recordered some class J&H-production stuff from the park, here on the roof where Karlsson lives!
IMG_3653Having a blast!IMG_3664Enjoying being grown up means that you can choose to embrace the child in you and play around a bit in this whole tiring growing up-procedure, me and Hampus and Hannah decided.
Do I even need to add the car of course broke down in a bend on a 80-road? Hannah was  luckily living 30 minutes away from where we broke down so except hosting us, playing and listening to the endless amounts of stories Hampus came up with she also joined in the playing.

And in true grown up spirit  we dealt with it splendidly and arrived home 4 days later with our pockets full of play, love and a whole deal of real life experience – all in a in a play setting to the sound of “du käre lille snickebo” performed by Emil, oh, I mean, Hampus, the most childlike grown-up and grown up child I know.



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