To let yourself be charmed by life

I wake up the first morning and my phone is dead. After realising that there is absolutely nothing in need to wake up early for and no time to keep track of, I turn around and fall back to sleep. A good four hours later I roll out of bed and walk barefoot in to the kitchen, where Tim and the  birds are chirping along to the classical music on the radio. There is a fraction of complete peace – then I spot Mick (Tims dad) frenetically waving for us to come out in the garden. So I bring the coffee outside and observe something that would make David Attenborough giddy like a child. The bees are swarming.

Swarming is what is happening when the queen bee leaves the colony, to form a new colony with a big chunk of the worker bees in a new location. Considering a bee hive can contain tens of thousands of bees the amount filling the garden was quite magnetising. And to add to the fascination of merely observing this black humming cloud, Mick was on a mission to get the bees back, in a box, and me and Tim where the lucky ones to assist in this suicidal mission.

a mick

After spending a good chunk of the day just watching this natures’ show (and seeing the bees moving further and further up in the tree) I was on the verge of bursting with excitement and enchantment. As the cream on the mashed potatoes (like us Swedes would say) I got to taste some newly and oh so locally produced honey straight from the honeycomb.

b honey

Oh my word and uncontainable excitement and pure bliss and gosh!!! Sooooo gooood!!!

IMG_9776 We continued in the “getting charmed by life” -theme and went for a spin.

IMG_9789 Through some beautiful landscapes.IMG_9796 Nangiala/Narnia/Nara!?!?!IMG_9806 Late proaspeta!

IMG_9809 Chums.IMG_9818 Some swimming.IMG_9827 The lake district baby.IMG_9828 Over and out!



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