Latest updates from paradise (eccentric Brits and chilling cows)

We do life differently. I seem to forget that when I am in Sweden but luckily the more eccentrically inclined Brits once again reminds me about it. I love the chats with all the 50-something’s I’ve had this last couple of days that makes me se how we all fumble through this tumble dryer ride of life. People are just people (they shouldn’t make you nervous) and we are just doing our best, anyone claiming they know how to do it in the right kind of way I would never by a car of. 

People in all honour, but I do envy the cows I can see from my window, chilling around in the yellow flower ocean seemingly concerned about nothing but the next mouthful of grass. I am forever confused about gods take on that by the way- on one hand giving us labour pain (dubble meaning) and we are told we will need to work hard, and on the other telling us to chill out because he’s given us enough. Come on. I do need a slightly snugger fitted frame to work within. I do not read maps, I’m crap at navigation and my inner compass is broken. I do appreciate people do life differently, animals too, what’s your take on that one Dumnezeu? 
A baby bird is strutting over the lawn, the bee hives behind me are in full production, Timmie are talking to the BBC, N is swinging on some ropes in a factory unit in Sheffield (yesterday steadily stuck between the legs of a 100kg heavy tree surgeon) life is neither behind us nor ahead of us, it’s happening now. 
I’m in Paradise by the way, for an actually decent enough time to take a long breath in, and out, and let myself be charmed by life.
/ Julia 

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