The art of stumbling upon an oasis (Skåne day 2)

As I said, we basically stumbled upon the lagoon from Peter Pan (the one where all the cheeky mermaids live), without even trying!! It turned out being a really good sun trap and climbing spot.

IMG_9653 So we literally carried our mats a few metres and sat up a camp on the edge of the cliff.

IMG_9658 Voila – what a bout this for a breakfast view?IMG_9659 felt like being in CroatiaIMG_9669 Started with a climb, here belaying jut above the water (I only did this one so that I could feel I’d deserved the after-breakfast coffee)IMG_9680 Coming up IMG_9681 Just for the coffee..IMG_9685 And the view 😉IMG_9688 Making it look hardIMG_9708 Here is one of the only pics I got of N since I don’t find climbing and photographing compatible to do simultaneously (the thought of having the weight of responsibility for my friends Canon in my one hand and the life of my husband in the other is rather stressing for a neurotic person like me). IMG_9716Somehow our spread-out-our-things-disease even seems to apply in nature, hmm…

Had a fabulous weekend anyway, hoping to sell this place/trip to one of the six (!!) people who declined our invitation to this one.

Doamne, priorities!


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