Nimis, drift wood sculpture and sleeping under the stars (Skåne day 1).

A week ago we packed up the car and put on the “practice-driving” sign and took off with me behind the wheels. Destination: Mölle, Southern Sweden.

IMG_9532We walked through the forest in the setting sun and eventually got to a big art installation.IMG_9535Yup. A BIG art installation.IMG_9538We climbed in it together with the kids but happily ignoring the parents. IMG_9547And guess who claimed highest of them all 😉IMG_9569 It was beautiful and untouched landscape all aroundIMG_9572With only this drift wood installation there.IMG_9581N and the ocean.IMG_9614First day (since september?)  without a jacketIMG_9620After a while we headed back through the forest.IMG_9622We wanted to find a camping spot before it got too late.IMG_9629And voila, a few hours later, a sleeping spot with quite a grand sea view.IMG_9631Food prep.IMG_9635Heated up some soup and ate some sweets.IMG_9646And quite quickly crawled down in our sleeping bags, trying to build a little wind shelter and stayed awake long enough to see the first stars dress the canvas above.

Woke up to see the we’d camped just on the top of one of the best climbing spots. More about that another day.




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