På turné i Norge, blant kjære venner

After just about putting down the moving boxes (ehr, quite a lot of moving bags actually) I had a week of studying for an exam in cognitive psychology (yes, stress definitely affect your intelligence!) and after writing it on Friday (I completely fabricated an answer about creative problem solving, which I  btw hope I get at least half a point for since it was so creative) we jumped in the car to see a childhood friend of Nigel who’s married to a Norwegian and moved to Norway about a year ago. IMG_0141Here checking Facebook….. haha or google directions… after dropping off a Russian hitchhiker, after making a detour for about an hour whilst driven past every pay toll in Oslo, that N basically dragged into the car out of pure excitement to pay back after all times people have picked him up. This guy couldn’t even say his age in English so we have very different versions of what was said in the car (but i think he’d hitched from Estonia and was 31 years old). Anyway, wee took a selfie with him and went on.IMG_0152 Here is a gap of about two days, Helmton, the cat, in Nick and Kjerstis kitchen making the most out of the spring sun.IMG_0155Nigel and Nick decides to fix the washing machine that suitingly broke just before the party. Looks like Nige is giving a lot of good advice here…..IMG_0159 Indeed. IMG_0160  Lovely Kjersti in the very homely kitchenIMG_0164 In the background, the dreams of a greenhouse.IMG_0173 Helton is opting out.

We had such a lovely weekend, full of interesting and lovely people, a lot of Norwegian, laughing, talking and just being in good company. I think that’s the nicest thing you can have, a home that makes people feel at home. Which I did (so much that I fell asleep in the sofa, which I, believe it or not, rarely do).
See you soon Norge, vi føler seg hjemme med deg!



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