And so we start to climb again.

N has been climbing all winter whilst I’ve had a bit of a (very long) break from it. But a couple of weeks ago we took the car and the dog and the cousin+bf and hit the rock in Utby after school. Felt like 15 year old scallies making fire and drinking beer far away from civilisation (especially since R got there on his longboard). Got four snaps of it that are less estethic and more a real reflection of reality. IMG_0100 Me, Anna and Sigge (Chubakka)IMG_0106 Since we’re not living at home we had to do with what we had, Danish designer thermos and ceramic mugs from Mias 😉IMG_0107This gorgeous little thing we’ve fallen in love with over the weeks.IMG_0114 Anna and Robin, doing a lesson in trust to see if their relationship is solid.

To be continued (hopefully in Skåne next week)



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