To learn the art of not pulling out red cables

This week I learnt the reasons behind why a professor at school sometimes put his wallet in the fridge, why Isa threw away 200 euros instead of her rubbish and why we forget how many scoops of coffee we’ve put in the coffee maker. It’s lack of attention, fancier called detached intentions and perceptual confusions and it’s one of many action slips that actually have names and make me see there are so many of us that it’s actually got a name.

Another thing I learnt this week, that apparently everyone else already knows, is that you don’t pull out red cables! At least the’s what the janitor told me after I tried to turn off a speaker by pulling out the cable that led to… the schools burglar-alarm!!!! I can tell you it was a lot of hurly-burly going on in that building before it got sorted. By the time it got turned off the whole school had already started to empty. I was so ashamed and so relieved that it didn’t lead directly to some guard-centre thing. When this happened it was only Monday lunchtime and I already felt done with excitement for this week. But then I found a pair of jeans in a bush that fitted me perfect so I changed my mind. I can do with some more exciting stuff – of the right kind.

Also I got the loveliest phone call by my brother this morning, chirping like a bird high on caffeine, telling me I was invited to his birthday party followed by “oh sorry, did I wake you up?” I looked at my clock thinking I’d overslept, and it showed 06.07, so even though I thought “ YES you wake up most people if you call them at 6 in the morning!” I lovingly grunted back a “yes, but it’s ok” and continued talking birthday parties and dreams for about 10 minutes before I went up and made me a coffee.

And Nigel is in Georgia (the country).




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