The blue coat.

I dress you, I dress you up in me, you told me gently to be free, and that I need some time at hand, I need some patience. A clothes swap with words fool many but not you, no I need to let go of my dirty rags, need to lovingly die, sigh, so at last I let go and throw it in to the fire. It’s cold as f**k, when you chuck me the blue coat of light heartedness, the world is in such a mess and death is playing chess with a a knight on the beach. They’re playing to get rid of strife,  playing for eternal life, or death, but I’m done. I’ve picked team but not sure I qualify with all the pros, rather just hanging with my broes, playing fifa drinking beer, but fear, oh fear, why are you here, anyone that hear? me? no? I know, I was the one shouting for you, I was the one who needed a helping hand, a guru, a dad, and this is so far the best chance I’ve had, but still I want to dress you in my style and fantasise, you’ll come riding in the sunrise saying to me I’m your prize!
Hang on,
maybe I am
like actually important to you, because you know I’ve got this syndrome where it’s like words go through, but always seem to bypass my heart, so if you’re smart, give me a chart, a map so I can find out of this dark clothes I try to make you wear, please chuck me that coat of worrylessness, let me bring my mess, into your chapel and dress me
up in you.


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