To build a table; my sweet escape from emotions and books

After spending a week studying sociology and themes like affection/emotion/depressive love and such things I felt incapable of doing anything but something practical this weekend. Saturday passed just getting together material, fika and doing food shopping, but today it finally happened…IMG_9458  I put my wellies, sheep-jumper and dece hat on and lined up these babies and some tools in the garden

IMG_9462 WorkingplaceIMG_9484 And after sanding, painting and measuring (including some instructions from N of how not to chop of my hand in the saw machine) i started to BUILD, my first building project ever -a coffee table!  It’s a really big thing for me. I’ve always seen myself as unbeliavably unpractical, so when N first said he couldn’t help me I saw that as = no table. But after meeting half way by N pepping me and showing some tricks, I decided to have a go.IMG_9488  Pretty pretty prettyIMG_9504 Fix fix fixIMG_9507  “You’re really going to put your own touch on this table Julia” (there are no straight lines and some rough edges and sharp corners)IMG_9519But oh how I loved to create something with my hands. It was so satisfying to watch something appear in front of my eyes that’s going to last, in a visible way.IMG_9492Tadaa!

It’s not as multi coloured now, will show how it’s looking in our room when it’s tidied enough to take a picture 🙂

Good day for my soul. Tomorrow it’s back to depressing love*.

*Article not reality


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