Tuesday morning procrastination.

IMG_2303First of all: only writing this to have a reason not having to open my statistic books quite yet.

Time is (otherwise) mostly spent with my head in the books, N is taking it a step further and basically lives at Campus. Last week he even got locked in to the library!? I got a phone call about nine “I’msogladIgotholdofyoumybatteryisabouttodieandI’mlockedintothelibraryatschool” Some guard came to let him out around ten. It’s like adventure seeks him up when he don’t have time to go hunting for it himself. My husband is a rare lovely kind of bird.

Studying statistics and feel the big black Madeleine shaped hole I’d need to fill to make this understandable. Where is the person who can simplify and still go deep? Knowing exactly how much time to spend on books and how much time to spend on coffee. Ah, the embodiment of skill sets we need to make this world go around.



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