Miniature letters and kindness is a highly underrated gift to this world.

Oh the wonderful times when it feels like I’m part of a big wonderful legendary fairy tale (or rather more like a twisted comedy some days). Today a boy from the school next door has been singing “final countdown” on top of his voice all lunch break and even better so, a tiny envelope arrived with a handwriting I can’t really place arrived. Adressed to Mr and Mrs Swift.
Photo on 27-08-15 at 16.18That in itself is a rarity, but not as thrilling as this little letter..
Photo on 27-08-15 at 16.19

Because in it was a lovely massage and  500 sek from someone without a name.Photo on 27-08-15 at 16.19 #2

Well, whoever you are, thank you for letting me feel like the world is today a place full of magic and kind people, we promise to spend it on something highly valuable for us and of course, completely unnecessary ❤



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