Miniature holiday and new beginnings.

Next day we drove to Tjörn to stay at my aunties summer place for a couple of nights. Since starting my driving at 2006 it’s been a slow and painful journey trying to get this little piece of plastic in my hand, and the road is still long and bumpy to get there. BUT.  We’ve now pushed through and I’ve ignored all my fears and done the course together that means N can be my teacher and I can start LEARNING how to drive again after being completely crushed by Romanian traffic, byrocracy, nasty teachers and about everything else that can work against you (like the fact that I was a young foreign woman without the will to bribe my way through the system… actually, don’t get me going, it’s making me so upset). But now I’m starting afresh with a very non-abusive not so bribable but mores lovable person by my side. Got my concentrating face on.  Perfect countryside roads to go on.  Jumping ahead now to the morning. Holiday breakfast at the veranda. And then a shoulder ride towards the sea. My estimated 5 minute walk was rather a 40 minutes walk, so we got blisters under our bare city feet and N got grumpy so I was not in taking picture mood, but it was the most gorgeous little girl down there who asked her mum if she could poo in the water, haha, so it was worth while coming down just to listen to that conversation. Met a poney ❤ IMG_0014 And played chess like the old men in Albania. Perfect day, and now back to pack for Åre! /j


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