Three years, kaboom!!!

I wanted to make something built to last
a bottled ship with a golden mast
and through the squall the course stays true
make something good

feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago at the same time we stood there in a puddle of sweat, saying yes, to belonging to one another, beginning to build on something strong. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my whole life. It was like yesterday Miia sang just that song and all the people I love most in the world where there sharing the moment. And I’m so happy that it won’t take a lifetime of tries before I get to tell you how lucky I am that you found me. And I love you and I love that you challenge the order the world has set out, it’s as if you’re walking down the streets where they stand on the corners handing out cynicism and defeat, and just like “no thank you”, we want stories made ot of better stuff than this. I want to be there next to you writing those stories, for like there rest of my flipping days.



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