Last this ‘n last that and a growing dislike of goodbyes

Last time to buy a 1leu coffee from the coffee machine at the office. (And it tasted as awful as always.)

Last time to walk my favourite route home.

Last time to see this view that screams ‘home!’.

Last time to go to the post office. Last time to go to the small shop. Last time to go to the best shop in the village, the municipality, Romania, or possibly the whole of Europe: Adi si Dana. It’s a miracle how much cheap and a wide variety of stuff you can fit into a small space like that. On the way home I passed the park and the magical and surprisingly popular public water fountain.

And as I’m writing this I am waiting for my last dinner in our home in Romania to begin.

I can’t believe I’m leaving tomorrow and it has been extremely weird to say goodbye. But I’m trying to enjoy every minute, every single thing I consider normal and part of my everyday-life that I know I will miss.

Oh, Romania, oh lovely Siria… You have been good to me.


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