“Consider the lilies, the only command I ever obeyed”

Begin to accept that the pace of my life has slowed down into a schedule that would make my 85 year old grandmother feel restless. “Asta e”, “ce sa face”, like they would say on that landfill site outside Arad. So I shrug my shoulders, drink another cup of coffee and  let the days wash over me. My mission is simple; take walks, consider the lilies and… yeah, finding out my mission. 


And actually for the first time had the time to play “Fia med knuff” enough times to win over H. Not a piece of cake, he’s like the dice whisperer, only dubble sixes and fives and stuff. I mean, HE PLAYS WITH A WAND IN HIS HAND, only that. But except from that game I’m quite  far away from a battle field that can be won. But still. I do consider the lilies.

And I do wish Miia luck on her new mission, whatever that will be…



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