Fă-mi loc în spațiul dintre degetele tale (pictures from my last trip in Rawmania)

I had so many ambitions with that Romania trip I did over easter, one of them was to document everything mundane, all that beauty I got blind to whilst I was living there. But as with many other things in life, that ambition got flushed down the drains. But I managed to take out the camera TWICE during the trip, and capture some beauty, and I would feel sad if you missed that… so enjoy; IMG_1725 (1) The beauty of Lady Rachel (who just booked tickets to come and see me here in the nordic parts of the world and that makes me so so so happy!!) We where basically just passing one another but at least had time for a taco and a gin and tonic before she jumped on a plane!IMG_1727 (1) The beauty of the hills just behind the house.. with sheep dogs luring behind every single corner which makes every stroll into a survival course. I think I’m one of the few who’s managed to not get bitten (it’s because I hide behind someone when the dogs come)IMG_1728 (1) The very typical  village street (also full of dogs)IMG_1729 (1) …and the very typical hanging gutterIMG_1730 (1) Yeah, you ge the theme..IMG_1733 (1) IMG_1735 (1) strada frumosIMG_1739 (1) the very complicated door… IMG_1751 (1) got to exercise my woodchopping skills again since my central heated life could not adapt to the freezing cold insideIMG_1759 (1) Katniss assistance IMG_1767 (1) Mamica frumosicaIMG_1774 (1)  Through the fenceIMG_1776 (1) Village houseIMG_1777 (1) The typical village dog, and believe it or not, they’re ALWAYS called Puffi, not even kidding.

Over and out.



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