Wolves, naan and stolen bicycles.

I dreamt I ate naan bread, I dreamt I was chased by wolves, I dreamt that G got his electrical bicycle stolen and was really sad. When I woke up it was just 01.58 in the morning and I said to myself, think logical, the wolves are more scared of you than you are of them and G would never have an electrical bicycle, it’s all just happening in your head. Not sure what to think about the naan bread, maybe it was just that I happened to eat naan bread for lunch. That was just before the rain came and me and S had to spend about one hour in a book shop to not get soaked. Nigel’s colleague had forgotten the key so he was back in Gothenburg in time for the rain too. Except for the key pick up he’s inspecting Ölandsbron and sleep in a room with the sea so close outside the window you can reach out your arm and touch it. Maybe that’s why I dream about wolves, because it’s so much space in bed my thoughts can run wilder than usual. Normally I’m squeezed between my steady breathing husband and the wall. Not a chance for the wolves to sneak in and scare.

M said I have to make the wolves my friends, I’m not so sure about that advice. But I’ll try tonight if they come back. Feed them with naan bread and tell them to please show some respect, for G who’s still sad about his stolen bike, and to me guarding a pool house all on my own. Maybe it was 7 years since I last slept alone in a house. Maybe that’s got something to do with it –



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