Got my head in the cloud, and I’m never coming down.

Such sporadic updates during the spring so I thought I’d do a sporadic summary of it with  pictures even more scattered than my mind. But hey, what can you do except being you. All exams passed and this term is over in school. Ended it with being late to the bus the last day of school, falling whilst running downhill, missing the bus, getting bruised, coming late, finding out I was supposed to have read 9 peoples papers and got away with doing an illustrated version of a packman to prove my point without having anything except my imagination to back it up with and still made it. Through the day, the week, the months.


So except that, some fabulous moments documented by my heartbroken iphone4;

Andreas and Beck became Mr and Mrs Samuelsson and had a wedding living up to their extravagant and creative personalities. I mean, dancing to a band playing only balkan-style covers – what more is there to wish for?

And outrageously nice people came from all over the place to visit (only a fraction captured on photo)  

Enjoyed seaside living in spite of the lacking temperature.  

And slowly spring dared to put it’s pretty feet even in Gothenburg, this is just outside my school.

2015, the spring Mr and Mrs Swift went from dirt to academia and it felt right.  

Some new found friends on new kinds of vehicles.  

the year for sea side swimming in early may. Not as nice as it looks.  

Someone special had his prom and moves on to highschool (and it struck me looking at this picture, how similar me and A is!?)

One late summer evening we caught a ride with a monk, a priest and a catholic in a Saab from 1964!  

And some days have been passing ruins.

That was it. And now is now, and summer is here I’ve heard.



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