Comfort, caffeine and casa

We have spent the weekend emptying our room and cleaning up the house, it is going up for sale and every trace of personality needs to be erased. So now we live in an dance studio, with a  mirror so big and uncovered that it always feels like you’re twice the amount of people in the room. For many years I convinced myself that I didn’t need a home in the regular sense to find comfort. But after this weekend I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d rather give up on food than compromising with a homey home. And I’m in urgent need of a home. With rugs and sofas and books in it. Now. And I do not want to hear a single more provocation towards thinking about it in positive terms, I just want comments of consolidating character, or a first hand contract.

The summer is shyly approaching us here in the north. I welcomed it with a swim in the sea and a deep dive into a three week long academic ocean of study. Then breath. Nigel just left town on his bike with two A:s in his pocket (swedish and chemistry), on a little celebratory tour before work begins.

Now I’ll put the coffee maker on and ride through the day on a wave of caffein and love, peace out


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