The room is mine

It’s cold and drafty and the walls have been coloured with a weird shade of white, like a pot of sour cream that has passed its best by date or diluted lemonade mixed with coconut milk. Its space is pale on decorations, which is admittedly rather a flaw of mine though. The floor is painted burgundy red and covered with ever-dust: a matte layer which never agrees to remove itself, no matter how hard you try to poison it with chemicals. I’m thanking God the winter is over because the little door of the terracotta looks like it could fall off any minute. Not sure how many fires it would still endure.

I had an IKEA-paper-ball-thingy hanging from the sealing, but even that came down as i was trying to clean the upper part of my room with our ‘cobweb cleaner’ (= a piece of plastic baseboard), accidentally gave it a nudge and it landed on the floor. And our walls are way too high for me to ever fix that. Now my room lighting solution is forced to be a very minimalistic light-bulb-hanging-by-a-dangerous-looking-electric-cable-installation. I blame it on those stupid spiders, if they wouldn’t try to take over the upper part of my room and would stop trying to build their insect imperium, none of this would have happened. Blame it on the animals, that’s my new defence mechanism.

But even with these minor beauty flaws I love this room like you love an old friend: despite all those imperfections you just….. hang out with them, have fun and love it. Wanna see it? Well, you can’t really. But i’ll take you on an unhelpful over-detailed tour anyway.

This piece of art will be called ‘My Flippin’ Feaking Favourites’. I’ll let you know when it’ll be taken into an art gallery near your.











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