More of now

It’s one of those times when I for some reason am more aware of the fragile nature of our lives than usual. In the last week I’ve tried to be more aware of all those precious, everyday-life moments I let go past unnoticed way too easily, I’ve tried to grab a hold of them instead of letting them drift away in front of my eyes.

Really noticing the people I’m doing life with.

The moments where everything is perfectly peaceful.

All the joys and wonders.

The things that now seem so average – even boring – but that will later hold a price of unmeasurable value.

This week has been muddy and rainy at worst (see the picture of the actually paved mud-covered road above), but has offered the best meatballs i’ve eaten in my life, which can make even a worse week look pretty great. Also, I realised I had before underestimated how sexists and disgusting the older James Bond films are, have started to give names of royal people to stray dogs (I admit to have wanted to take home a couple ones only this week) and realised I might be going through some pre-birthday-age-and-identity-crisis.


This week I realised I need to take more pictures of my friends, because who knows when our roads will part. If there’s something I am indescribably thankful for, it’s all these amazing friends and colleagues I get to share this time with. Here some of the freaks I hang out with.

I’m getting closer to a time again where everything is becoming more and more of a big question-mark. Where will I go next, what will I do? As much as that creeps me out, it’s always blended together with some excitement and the hope for getting to see new sceneries. It’s scary and challenging to not live a normal life, but at the same time I guess I couldn’t have it any other way. Not sure I’d ever be able to handle the routine. But to be able to get more out of the ‘now’, I guess all i can do is to spend more time looking – looking more closely at what goes on around me.

“If you live life on autopilot, you’ll miss it, and that is the beginning of death. Life is all about staying awake, watching with fresh eyes, watching with grateful eyes at your spouse, your children, the world, your friends, and most importantly, Lord our God.” – Greg Boyd

I’ll try to give it a shot.





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