Tram travel thinking

 16.32 At the Moment it feels like I’m suffering from intellectual bulimia. Stuff myself but don’t keep much. (Sorry about the illustration. ) I was prepared for a quick pace, but this, is just something else. It all feels quite contra productive. But I’ll just keep holding my breath and hope something stays at least.
I thought I was being tactical when I read a book about study techniques instead of those 3 books I’ll have to write an exam on before Monday. But I’ve now too little time to either apply or practice any of the theories and neither time to read the books… Hmm. Please inform me if there are any good advices out there of how to do this, except the obvious one of just sitting down until your butt gets soar and just do it.
I also need a computer because apparently they don’t accept handwritten  things any longer and our once portable computer is just NOT up for it any more.
16.50 (Change of public transport)
In spite of those few concerns I must say I love uni, even though itt’s about as different as it can get from my past five years, in content, beliefs, shape and focus. If I don’t develop some bipolar dysfunction I feel like I will be as diverse as is mentally functioning. But we’ve got some years left until then. Now I’ll focus on passing this weeks examinations.
17.04 Solong (arrived at my stop now)
ps. I SO GET the happiness hang over Miia, happenes pleasantly often

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