Just because it’s black in the dark, doesn’t mean there’s no colours

Snow mixed with rain and the sky offers us not a hint of blue, never mind the sun. I wear a down jacket underneath my winterjacket and try to shield myself from the snow/rain that’s coming in horizontally underneath my hood. If I could have a super power, right now it would be to crack the skye open and let that light shine down.

If I could stay in a feeling, it would the be first day of spring, walking over the Romanian hillside with God’s symphony orchestra of birdsong in my ears. I’ve just finnished my first course at university, and I’m now a 2,5% psychologist. Not yet smart enough to describe the brains contribution to our experiences, but I’ll get there, eventually. 

We’ve put up the earth above our desks. As a reminder of all those journeys, internal and in real life, we’ll make together. This is not all there is. We’re such a tiny tiny bit and still it all fit’s inside of us.



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