Technology has sorted it out for me so that I can look out over one of my favourite views every time I start up the iPad. I received a bunch of birthday messages from the same plot of land and got so touched I had to physically sit on my hands not to go in and order a ticket that would take me there so I could kiss them all!

Met up with a bunch of guys from England and Canada who’s moved to Gothenburg to start up a church. I thought those kind of things only happened in the missionary stories from Africa, but no, we had the privilege to bump into some irl radicals in our home town. Very curious to get to know them a bit more.

And Miia, I do agree; having the excuse ‘I’m still learning’ for another five years is a muchly appreciated shield to hold up. But I do also feel slightly annoyed about being treated like the youngster I am in this narrow country. 25 is the new 15-kinda feel (could go on and on about this but not gunno cause then I get all wind up and won’t be able to sleep, haha.)



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