The art of not performing.

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Today I’ve tried about 8 different methods for avoiding procrastination. At 13.22 I gave in and have now made a deep sea dive into the most harmful invention since the nuclear, WWW.

I’ve tried it all. My latest attempt was to fool myself into the satisfactory feeling of ticking items off a list. But I now find myself adding things like “snooze” on my to-do list. To my defense, I was really tired, and I did set my alarm on 30 minutes, and I acctually went up when it went of, and it DID feel good ticking it off the list.

Another thing i tried was to get in to the other house, to not have a bed next to me wispering sweet little lies, and so I could sit on some har wooden chair instead of in this comfy one, but believe it or not, I can’t find the key! So I’m stuck here in my prison of comfort.

I’ve tried taking breaks, taking walks, drinking coffee. I’ve even tried opening my books and start reding, but I find myself reading the same page, over and over again whilst thinking about something else. It’s absurd. Maybe my brain died in Romania. Too many good memories to think of, it’s full.

I might go and put on some more coffee, after all, that’s what we’re promothing in this blog. And my office is pretty!


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