Cats, monkeys and alligators


We just got a little cat to keep the rats away at work (yes, I’m completely serious), unfortunately the cat is probably going to get eaten by the rat if it comes, because it’s soooo sweet and small and cuddly. But let’s not ponder on the scenario. Whatever I did yesterday she came after and jumped up on my shoulder, played with my hair and purred loud like a 2-stroke engine. I mean, who needs a pay raise when you get that much love just going to work?

I slept really bad at work, but fortunately quitted at 8.30, took the tram and met up with Jenny at Järntorget for a well deserved morning coffee. Think we should make this into a morning habit.

Nigel just started Komvux studying SAS1, and simultaneously got a job cleaning the rain forest windows in Universeum (if you’ve been there you know it’s quite a lot of glass), so he’s chilling with the monkeys and alligators now for a while. As in, they’re actually inside the same room as Nige.

Sweden levererar


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