Molecules and New Year’s approaching

Every time I’m looking over Nigel’s shoulder he’s googling substanses such as sodium carbonate or molecules traveling through a washing machine (the latter I just made up, I don’t even know if molecules do such things as traveling?) and I feel a deep relief that if we’d ever have children I would never have to do maths and science stuff with them. Our children will know stuff like molecules, and whether they travel through washing machines or not. Not sure exactly what I wanted to say with this.

Christmas have passed by, and I must say its with a bit of relief I’m leaving this autumn behind in a couple of days time, entering into a fresh 2015. It’s not been completely crap, but definitely a bit of a low point after five monkey years in Romania.

Got out in the sun on Christmas Day with Nige, the fact that it was -4 did not scare him from taking the hammock, so we had a superb afternoon with climbing, coffee and sleeping bags before I had to scoob off to work. And I thought, if 2015 will bring some more days like this, I’m on!






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