Pink office, pool house living and pepparkakor

Last week I signed the papers for my fifth (!) job, as a translator at Faktum, a magazine sold by people that somehow live in social exclusion. At the moment a lot of the sellers are Romanian gypsies so that’s where the translation get into the picture. I’m terribly excited about this, I mean not only will I have a coffee machine that fills itself up with water and a pink office, but also I get a touch of drama into my otherwise so settled Swedish life. Best thing that’s happened in a long time!
Another fantastic thing is Nigel’s first batch of hard gingerbread, even though he made them so fat they’re kind of not hard at all… he’s resisting my prompting attempts to explain how they’re supposed to be. Such a free thinker my husband.

AND… we found somewhere to LIVE! Of course we are living somewhere right now, parasitizing on my dad’s and Christinas living space, but somewhere to call our OWN. Well, it’s a room, in a pool house shared with two other girls (the house, not the room) in a rather wealthy suburb called Näset (you can tell by the lack of public transport mostly people with 2 cars or more/fam lives there) so for the following 6 months we’ll have our living room and pool combined and it will be fab.

Now we’re playing parents looking after my brothers whilst Ch is turning 50 closer to the sun. And parents apparently wake their kids up ridiculous o’clock in the morning, so noapte buna and sleep well, I’ve promised to put on the coffee tomorrow morning!


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