Någonting som fastnat.

More pigeons than people at Järntorget.
One fine morning with my husband next to me instead in some house full of smelly boys in Oslo (which is where he’s been for a long long time)
Something stationary in the midst of all this moving around, my towel, at work, with my name on and everything.
Everything is so grey here, the sun has not been out FOR WEEKS and I’m not even exaggerating for once!
The view I wake up to at work (well, now it’s never light when I wake up, but it was apparently when I took this photo)
Found a mason jar of light in the midst of all this greyness ❤
Found this delivered outside the door at the shop where I’m working (note, on my own) and found no other solution than calling my mum who stopped on her way home from work to help me get it inside.

Otherwise the most exciting thing that happened last week was when I went around watering ALL the fake flowers at work. Not going to tell you at what working place it was in case the secret service would track me down. Oh the joy of being a newbie at everything you do.


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