November last year..

Looking through pictures of last November.

Without getting to emotional; We had our own quirky house, with a lovely garden, wood burners and two dogs with more character than most people you meet have. We lived in another country, spoke another language to one another and lived a very very different life….

c Okay, I cheated on this one, it’s from the end of October, but I liked it so much that I’ll pretend it’s november. We did some fantastic mountain bike rides in the hills behind out house.
We did a bit of baby sitting to some new found friends.
ie We went climbing with Mad and Sam
g(I remember I got really sick after being out and slept for 24 hours)
dI chopped wood (in a VEST, in NOVEMBER!)
tuicaAnd we made our own wine and tuica with our legendary neighbors help. Here putting the grape skins (left overs from wine production) in the distillery machine.

Flickr has become my mason jar collection of good memories. We might have had about ten thousands of other kinds of struggle, but looking out through the window, observing the horizontal rain I’ve got a strong feeling of thankfulness towards the past five years I’ve been spared this weather.



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