Death Star asap.

I’m called to an emergency meeting in the wardrobe under the stairs (I’m so gonna start using that as my emergency meeting place from no on) by H.

Standing face to face under a single light bulb surrounded by 7 peoples life time collection of jackets you know something important is going to be said.
And with a deep low voice he the tells me the inevitable, this thing that can wait no longer that has been circulating in the air for weeks now. Our big autumn project. The making of the Star Wars trilogy. It needs to start now.

We make a big cup of tea each and I teach him the art of brainstorming, he teaches me the secrets of a true jedai warrior, that’s what I would call a win-win working relationship.

And I will be Princess Leia and Nigel Han Solo, so I’m pretty pleased.

Now back to business.
/ j


2 thoughts on “Death Star asap.

    • O yes! We are lacking both Chubacca and C3PO, you can decide between you who wants what part. Nigel is ironically in Oslo and arrives in gothenburg in the evening around 8.30. But please do come, the film team needs you!

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