Friday philosophies at Eli’s corner

This cancelled meeting at least got me out of bed, but unfortunately also across town. I assume this was a part of everyday life in the dark age before 1996, when only a selected few carried around those bricks called portable phones. But now, when everything is a click away, getting transported across town feels a bit overkill. Good I’ve got some hard core Romanian training (where people blankly refuse to say anything over phone, however small the question is you need to say it about two inches away from their face (often after queuing first) like in the old school way, before 1960, or whenever it was every person got a phone in their home (I could swiftly check is up on google now, but I’m not gunno) and you decided something a few weeks in advance, and STUCK TO IT!

Not sure what I’m trying to say here, just get verbal diarrhea as soon as it sit down by a keyboard.

Went into a cafe in the part of town where you can still get a coffee for 2,5 euros and are now trying to come up with ideas for the day that doesn’t include spending any of those money I don’t have. Harder than you might think.

It’s raining a lot and the people at the table next to me talk about the messed up relationship they have with their kids and the woman keeps saying “I get vibes in here”.

Think it’s time to move on

Happy Friday!


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