A child of my time (a tribute to flickr)

keep-calm-and-get-organized-16In an attempt to store all of our photos externally on flickr (our computer sounds like the equivalence of a 93 year old chain smoker with pneumonia so I thought it was about time) I’m currently in the process of looking through, all of our photos, so I can move them away from this ticking bomb.

I love documenting things. And being an observer, rather than participant of that everydayness makes life look quite different. On picture, and in retrospect, a creative documentation of most things in life looks incredibly exciting and interesting. The most mundane thing on photo evokes something, stirs something up inside of me. And I love having it in a place I can easily bring it out to see.

I still remember on a lesson in history of culture and ideas, when our teacher told us we where going to be a completely lost generation. That the lack of letter writing and journaling on paper, rather than on something digital, would mean that people in 200 years time would have no trace to look for. And even if we wrote or printed photos the quality nowadays is so bad that it would be long gone by the time we where dead anyway.

This lesson has scarred me for life. Now I can’t really remember exactly what made me so upset, maybe the fact that I love to document everything, and put quite a big amount of time into albums, photos, journaling and so on, but I remember not shutting up about this for weeks until Madeleine was close to leaving the room every time the subject was brought up. And I’ve not really known what to do with the knowledge I was given this cold spring day in 2009, and in spite of what I was told I’ve continued documenting about as much as I can. And I’ve got thousands and thousands of photos un-organized and spread out on all digital devices I can find (I’m the kind of person who does backups on my backups, but then loose the usb-stick and forget what I backed up on what and when I look for something I have to look through it ALL because I can’t remember how I thought last time I made a half hearted attempt to organize it all).

But this also means I’m constantly worrying about 1. Our laptop having a meltdown 2. Our external harddrive having a meltdown. I mean, it’s inevitable, I’ve never known an electronic device live longer than a pet, and we all know, pets die, however well you look after them.

So when I found flickr (last weak I might actually have been the last person in my generation not knowing what flickr is, but that’s fine) I thought that maybe, maybe, this could be the end to my worrying. Storing it all online means the computer hard drive don’t fill up straight away, it saves in four different formats, you can code it straight into blogs etc. and I get a last chance to shape up and put it all in a strict German order AND it won’t die like my computer will, until maybe flickr dies, but then I’ll probably be free from my control issues anyway and have rows of beautifully made photo albums in my bookshelf anyway.

So whilst transferring and celebrating my few found friend I hope our coughing computer can hold on until I’m done with the rest. Revolution is on it’s was ladies and gentlemen, at least in the Swift viral world of mine.



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