50 meters above Fjällbo

We made a chalk-bag for my mum on her birthday, and included in the gift was to try it out. So we went to Fjällbo with a big pick-nick basket and a climbing guide and some ropes heading for a 50 metro high rock face.IMG_1960Me and mum headed for the top with a promise of a cup of coffee when we got there.
IMG_1970Nigel had booked us a table with a view.IMG_1972It was sunny, sixteen degrees sunny and bliss and we where 50 metres above the ground and high above the tree tops..And the coffee tasted good.
IMG_1977Then it was an equally big project getting down again…IMG_1980Nigel pulled some of his tricks.IMG_1989And I pulled some of mine (ehrm)
IMG_1994Down again we had some nice food, and some more coffee (we always spend a disproportional big amount of time having coffee breaks when we are out doing anything)IMG_1998And it was good!

IMG_2009We hung out in the hammock until the sun disappeared behind the treesIMG_2008And went home in time for a cocked dinner.

And tomorrow Nigel has put his alarm on 5 (or earlier if I know him right) to do his first rope access job in Stenungsund painting something (probably high up in the air considering they called him), and I will do my normal morning waiting (I’ve realized I can wait and sleep at the same time, so it’s a bit of advancement on my behalf) and subconsciously hope it will be past eight when I wake up and have no missed calls on my phone.



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