Mad world.

I signed a paper before I started working, promising to keep my mouth shut, so I’ll have to talk like Jesus, in parables with you from now on.

If my life was a film, my first day in school would have been the scene where the main character got dropped out of an air-plane from 7000 feet in a parachute. (Bombs exploding, people screaming and in the middle there is she. Unknown territory. If not the bombs, then the wild animals or the lack of water will definitely take her life…)

It was a terrifying jungle, full of wild animals and humongous snakes. It was like a guerilla war. No idea who you could trust. No idea where to look for shelter. No compass. No map. No companions. Just you, your beating heart and those… little monkeys.

I might already have said to much.

It took me almost a week to get into a sane enough state to write this.

I hope you’re all well







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