My life as a supply teacher

Evil-Teacherpic source here

In spite of all the time I’ve spent on the internet, I’ve managed to get myself a job. And not just at any odd hamburger bar, but in a school, as a, *hrm*, supply teacher.

I was overjoyed until I realized that actually means that I, alone, will be in a class with about 30 children teaching them something. Somehow I thought I’d just help out, draw lines, counting on my fingers, maybe sitting in the back of the classroom with the naughty ones or something, but this, came as a bit of a shock.

The woman kindly asked me what my strong subjects where. And I said, well to teach I don’t have any strong subjects yet (since I’ve never been on that side of the bench in the classroom), but I suppose Languages and Sociology rather than Maths and Chemistry would suit me. And then she was like, well unfortunately on Thursday, we need someone covering three maths lessons, with kids from fourth grade, would you like to take that?

And suddenly I loose both my mind and body control in one go, and in despair I feel my head nodding, and before I can stop myself from doing more harm, I hear myself, loud and clear, saying that yes, of course. And she said great, meet me here 8.00 on Thursday and I’ll give you your lesson planning.

And inside I was like (EEJIT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!?!) and on the outside I was smiling and everything was fab. And then I biked home (didn’t get the gears in so it took me forever because my legs had to peddle about 10 times to move one meter forward) and told Nigel whilst laughing hysterically and now I feel more numb than anything else.

The first time I ever teach, I’ll be on my own, teaching my all time hate subject THREE LESSONS IN A ROW. And the only advice I’ve been given is “learn their names as quick as you can”, I mean, here is the girl who forgot the name of her father-in-law at the firs visit (sorry Andy) I had to pretend going to the loo just to find an envelope or something with the name written on it. I am so exceptionally bad with names that sometimes I think it should be classed as a handicap (along with my completely daft sense of direction), well well. Maybe I’ll just give them al really cool nick names.

New Swedish lifestyle choice Nr 2: Becoming a supply teacher
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